Woken Up to Reality

“Waking up to reality” – After living in all kinds of separate realities all my life, having been highly dissociative with a lot of mental struggle, diagnosed by the age of 12 with Borderline Personality Disorder and later other diagnosis like schizoid, dissociative, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive, depression, eating disorders, etc., I have now woken up to reality (without the need to fight it anymore).

What happened within the sessions? I do not really know. What I do know is, that something happened. It feels as if layers of clouds got pulled away, so the sun of reality could eventually shine through clearly. It feels like giving birth to myself, incarnate and land at the same time. Land in a world of grounding and love for what is.

What I have experienced after the sessions is, that something definitely has shifted, with a newborn ability to discern what is real and what is not, and on which level. Projections show themselves clearly in the mirror and illusions fall dead to the ground.

It is the most ego-less, therapeutic experience I have ever had. Thank You!”

Eva Svingen, Writer and Photographer, Oslo, Norway

Relief from Migraines

“To those seeking a new approach to healing:

This letter is to express my heartfelt thanks to Karen Merveldt-Guevara. I found Karen at a very low point in my life. At the time I was suffering from headaches nearly everyday. To say I was desperate would be an understatement.

Before I went to Karen, I’d gone the usual route by seeing physicians who would prescribe pills that didn’t work or would tell me I was stressed out. I even went as far as having a CAT scan, which showed nothing significant. Some of my migraines were so severe they put me out of commission for days.

When I met Karen she explained that she used a hands on healing technique that I had never heard of before. It sounded a bit far-out, but I needed to get my life back. Karen worked on me for (two) hours, and I really felt an amazing energy come from her. Almost four weeks later, my headaches seem to have gone. I don’t feel a need for any medication, not even an aspirin. There hasn’t been a western-trained doctor that has come close to giving me relief.

I also had a broken arm that was slow in healing. I was told I would not get my range of motion back. I was unable to bend it and completely straighten it out. My arm, which I never thought would get better has gotten much better!

Another thing that I have noticed about feeling better is that I have a lot more energy, and don’t get into any more dark moods. Being physically healthy helps heal you spiritually as well. I never dreamed that I could feel so much better. I kept praying for miracles, now I know they are possible.

I would recommend Karen Merveldt-Guevara to anyone who is in need of healing. Her techniques for physical and emotional healing work far surpass anything I’ve been through. I’ve been blessed to find her, and truly believe she can help those looking for answers.


Lea Lind-Metaltooth, Cornville, AZ

104 Degree Temperature

“To the doubting Thomases and disbelievers: When you walk into a Doctor’s office and you don’t get better, and he has had six shots at it and you‘ve tried antibiotics, homeopathics and vitamin C…You walk in at Karen’s with 104˚F temperature after two weeks and it’s gone to normal after a session of one hour and a half and it stays that way, then you’ll experience, what I have.”

Gary Remes, Massage Therapist, Specialized in Neurofascial Reeducation, Longmont, CO

Ceremonial Healing Treatment

“…It is difficult to find a word that describes this kind of healing session. I’d almost like to call it a “ceremonial healing treatment”. The reason for which I went to see Karen was curiosity, interest and most of all my almost chronic back pain.
With her assistance I was able to go on the journey into my subconscious, a journey to my Self.
A path on which you can stumble over rocks and take them out of the way, a path on which repressed memories become conscious again, a path on which you will reach your Self through your body.
If you are ready to let yourself go with your body and your soul, and you can allow, that somebody else takes over the communication between you and your Self, you can launch a process as interesting and multilayered, opening, rich in experience and fascinating as can be.
My overall energy balance increased after the session, a pleasant and relaxing treat for body and soul. My back pain disappeared permanently in consequence!”

Wolfgang Vaatz, Sculptor and Artist, Rio Rico, AZ

Angelic Healing Hands

“Yep. Simply, impressive and very profound knowledge and effective practice of Integrated Medicine! I felt I was treated with the utmost care for significant injuries I sustained from a horrible fall. Dr. Karen Guevara was beyond amazing. She treated me with Angelic Healing Hands and guided me toward cleansing myself from the toxic damage caused by a list of pharmaceutical pain killers. I am very grateful for her magnificent care and Joyful Heart! I recommend her highly to all.”

Luis Angel Viniegra, Phoenix, AZ