Dr. von Merveldt-Guevara Stepped In And Literally Saved My Son’s Life

“In May 2016, my (just turned) 1 year old son went into crisis. He had seizures every few minutes and was consequently diagnosed with Clonic-Tonic seizures, that no anti-epileptic drug would help. Thankfully, Dr. von Merveldt-Guevara stepped in and literally saved my son’s life.
Xavier had been seizing for over 3 days, when Karen told me to get magnesium and give the specific amount to him in his bottle, while we were waiting for the hair analysis results. We gave Xavier the magnesium for just over 12 hours, when the seizures stopped. It was a life saving breakthrough. Karen tweaked his mineral dosages according to his hair analysis, and continues to do so, as he grows and thrives.
Karen saved Xavier’s life. To this day, Seizure Specialists and Pediatric Neurologists are amazed at Xavier’s excellent health, and praise Karen for her work. A slight speech delay, that is being resolved through speech therapy, is the only lasting effects of his life-threatening Tonic-Clonic seizures. Thanks to Karen and her tireless work to keep Xavier in optimal health, he has not seized since that event.  Karen is diligent, careful, dedicated, and kind, and I can’t imagine anyone else being as incredible as Karen was, especially throughout such a difficult situation.
Thank you for saving Xavier, Karen.  I owe you more then I can ever repay. Many hugs and thanks,”
Xavier’s Mom – VA

You Have Healed My Life More Then I Could Have Ever Imagined

“When I met Dr Von Merveldt-Guevara, I was the sickest I had ever been in my life. And that’s saying a lot, since I had been ill since I was 10 years old. Right before I met Karen, my son and I barely made it through the pregnancy, and I was exhausted, overweight (even with strict dieting and exercise), had swollen joints, migrating pains, and terrible blood lab results.
My body wasn’t functioning correctly: insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high blood sugars, extremely high cholesterol, poor circulation, hypothyroid, and the list goes on.
Then, I met Karen. After doing a hair analysis, Karen set me on the path to excellent health. Karen was so kind, understanding, and took the time to help me understand the mineral balancing process. She answered my emails and calls, (even text messages), very quickly and made me feel supported through one of the most monumental health shifts I have ever experienced. All of my diagnoses have been reversed, in less then a year doing the minerals.
Karen, thank you for taking the time and energy to help me be well, you have healed my life more then I could have ever imagined! Much love,”
 Allison S. – VA

Woken Up to Reality

“Waking up to reality” – After living in all kinds of separate realities all my life, having been highly dissociative with a lot of mental struggle, diagnosed by the age of 12 with Borderline Personality Disorder and later other diagnosis like schizoid, dissociative, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive, depression, eating disorders, etc., I have now woken up to reality (without the need to fight it anymore).

What happened within the sessions? I do not really know. What I do know is, that something happened. It feels as if layers of clouds got pulled away, so the sun of reality could eventually shine through clearly. It feels like giving birth to myself, incarnate and land at the same time. Land in a world of grounding and love for what is.

What I have experienced after the sessions is, that something definitely has shifted, with a newborn ability to discern what is real and what is not, and on which level. Projections show themselves clearly in the mirror and illusions fall dead to the ground.

It is the most ego-less, therapeutic experience I have ever had. Thank You!”

Eva Svingen, Writer and Photographer, Oslo, Norway

Holistic Diagnosis and Treatment Skills for Complex Health Problems

“I am grateful to Karen von Merveldt-Guevara, in Sedona, for helping me get through several health challenges and back to wellness. She has a unique blend of healing resources, including medical training and credentials (built on her rigorous M.D. from Germany), holistic diagnosis and treatment skills (addressing the mind and spirit, as related to the body), and an intuitive ability for insights and creativity (which seems to elude conventional health practitioners). She has amazed and comforted me with her rapid, consistent and on-target handling of my often obscure and complex health problems over several years. Unlike the heal-and-leave, and narrow-focused professionals, I have been to, she, typically in collaboration with other healing allies, has helped me regain my wellness and provided me with effective health regimens for maintenance. I am a much healthier and happier person because of Karen’s medical competency and health wisdom.”

Larry J. Rosenberg, Ph.D, retired marketing professor and management consultant, Sedona, AZ

Creative at Full Power

“Karen is a truly caring health provider and a brilliant scientist. She helped me delete medication and learn to eat beautiful, wholesome food. I am clear and creative at full power.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”
Christina Tucker, Sedona, AZ


Angelic Healing Hands

“Yep. Simply, impressive and very profound knowledge and effective practice of Integrated Medicine! I felt I was treated with the utmost care for significant injuries I sustained from a horrible fall. Dr. Karen Guevara was beyond amazing. She treated me with Angelic Healing Hands and guided me toward cleansing myself from the toxic damage caused by a list of pharmaceutical pain killers. I am very grateful for her magnificent care and Joyful Heart! I recommend her highly to all.”

Luis Angel Viniegra, Phoenix, AZ

Extremely Effective Results

“As someone who has been involved with natural healing for 35 years it is my honor to recommend “Dr.” Karen and her work. She has a unique understanding and caring that makes the results she gets with her clients extremely effective. She is constantly learning and applying that learning to her clients needs.”

Rinzai Zwerin, Owner: Rinzai’s Market, Sedona, AZ