Dr Von Merveldt -Guevara will be presenting, “Electrolytes in Clinical Practice” and also join Dr Mumper in a roundtable discussion on Advanced Clinical Applications.
Karen Von Merveldt -Guevara, German MD, graduated from Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen/Nueremberg – Germany in 1996. She works in a private practice as Health Consultant at Harmonia Mundi, LLC in Sedona, AZ. Her scope of practice covers Orthomolecular Medicine with biochemical lab evaluations (blood, hair, and
urine), as well as Integrated Manual Bodywork, which encompasses elements of Western and Eastern techniques. She offers consultation for environmental aspects of diseases (mercury amalgams, root canals, dental and orthopedic implant material incompatibility, metal, chemical and mycotoxin intoxications, housing related Issues: mold, chemicals, EMF-RF, building materials), dietary and nutritional counseling.

Patients with challenging neurological and other chronic inflammatory diseases over the past 10 years called her to study the deep biochemical changes in their tissues. The study of metal and mineral properties, their behavior in vivo, an extensive review of the body of orthomolecular literature, and a thorough analysis with comparison of different diagnostic approaches (blood biochemistry cross-referenced with hair mineral tissue analysis, and urine laboratory tests), led her to realize that routine lab tests deliver answers to many unresolved health issues when scrutinized from a novel perspective of mineral and vitamin imbalances.