Ceremonial Healing Treatment

“…It is difficult to find a word that describes this kind of healing session. I’d almost like to call it a “ceremonial healing treatment”. The reason for which I went to see Karen was curiosity, interest and most of all my almost chronic back pain.
With her assistance I was able to go on the journey into my subconscious, a journey to my Self.
A path on which you can stumble over rocks and take them out of the way, a path on which repressed memories become conscious again, a path on which you will reach your Self through your body.
If you are ready to let yourself go with your body and your soul, and you can allow, that somebody else takes over the communication between you and your Self, you can launch a process as interesting and multilayered, opening, rich in experience and fascinating as can be.
My overall energy balance increased after the session, a pleasant and relaxing treat for body and soul. My back pain disappeared permanently in consequence!”

Wolfgang Vaatz, Sculptor and Artist, Rio Rico, AZ