Detoxing alcohol, drugs and heavy metals out of the body restores health by letting all of the organs function as they were designed. In detoxing as an alternative to medication, treatment centers and spas are often helpful unless they dont assess for sulfite and sulfate sensitivity. DMSA, DMPS, Saunas, even natural sulfate bearing chelating agents often cause already compromised health to deteriorate.

Karen von Merveldt-Guevara discusses the dangers of detox and possible alternatives. Orthomolecular medicine, which promotes the substitution of vitamins and minerals to mend impaired biochemical function in the body is the appropriate way to lower sulfite and sulfate burden, other metabolic waste and the elimination of chemical and heavy metal toxicityIts COMPLICATED, so get a qualified person to help.

Protocols used by spas, treatment centers and drug manufacturers who dont take sulfite and sulfate sensitivity into consideration can literally cook a detoxing person into a health disaster.