Elements of My Work


Spiritual Hands-on Healing

Similar to tribal traditions of the Southwest of the United States and Mexico (Curanderismo), I work with an innate gift to interface with the different bodies of the human being to facilitate healing. Sometimes described as shamanic work, I use my own body and energy systems in my spiritual hands-on healing work to process the patient’s energies. Technically described I serve as a conduit for the release of blockages and imprints held in the patient’s body. As I work I take on and then let go by grounding the energy as it flows through me, which allows me at the same time to “see”, “read” and diagnose.

Other spiritual traditions call this type of work “shadow work” as healers, working in this way, take on the “shadow” of the patient rather than wanting to put energy into the patient. This approach is based on the understanding that the patient’s own life energy, his own inner light is only obscured by the shadows he or she carries. Once these shadows are removed, the flow of life will run again, the inner light will shine forth on its own. The body will follow the impulses to heal.


Medical Hands-on Healing

Combined with my medical knowledge ​my bodywork allows me to understand the degree of organ function, toxicity in tissues, cranial sacral movement, function of the brain and the autonomous nervous system and many more medical details. At the same time my bodywork allows me to not only diagnose, but to help heal physical impairments.


Trauma Release Work

The patient’s body guides me to access emotional trauma, stored trauma in the autonomous nervous system as in post-traumatic stress disorder, neurological imbalances as found in Parkinson’s Disease, MS, ALS, etc. and it lets me access trauma stored in tissues caused by direct physical impact.


Energy Medicine

With the help of the ASYRA Biofrequency Scan, my colleague, Dr. Daniela Hutyrova, generates panels that convey main patterns of imbalances or disease, more detailed panels to understand toxicity stored in the body, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, sensitivities and allergies, etc. These panels allows me an in depth study to determine what vitamins and minerals are needed to help the patient heal or to prevent disease in the first place.


Vitamins & Minerals (Orthomolecular Medicine)


Detox Therapy

Environmental Toxicity due to exposure


Genetic Testing – Predictive Genomics

Genetic tests like predictive genomics under use of tests by GENOVA Diagnostics and Amy Yasko’s Nutrigenomic test give us information about genetic predispositions, which require more specific and focused supplementation, and determine what supplements and medication, even herbal medication, a person can work with or not.