Energy-Spiritual Healing Session 1

In this video of an energy-spiritual healing session, Karen von Merveldt-Guevara, a physician and healer based in Sedona, explains and demonstrates a holistic healing session that bridges Western, Eastern and Tribal Medicine. She taps into a patients spirit realm and corrects the source diseases. Karen has a gift to bypass your conscious thinking, the trap door to your unconscious, and connect you with yourself that is the work.

“Karens work is wonderful to experience. I was bottoming out with a fatal lung disease when I met her. Breath is everything to a singer/songwriter. I was devastated. Verde Valley Medical Center was making arrangements for me to go into a nursing home. A hospice would follow. IPF kills 50,000 Americans every year 1/3 of us who are diagnosed with it. Instead, I am in Sedona helping her with her practice and gearing up for another US tour!”
Pat Barber