Integrated Bodywork – Medical Healing


In this work I seamlessly weave together techniques aimed at more physical ailments of the body. The synergy of using acupressure points and meridians, cranio-sacral techniques, access points to interface with the autonomous nervous system, chakra balancing, visceral manipulation and deep work on fascial strands that sheath muscles and organs creates a maximum release of blockages. As the patient you are asked to help this process by using your breath and visualizations to support the work and enhance the effects of this release.

In the process of this work elements of the Spiritual-Hands-on Healing session automatically find their way into it to assure proper energy flow and realignment.

Combined with my medical knowledge ​this bodywork allows me to understand the degree of organ function, toxicity in tissues, cranial sacral movement, function of the brain and the autonomous nervous system and many more medical details. At the same time my bodywork allows me to not only diagnose, but to help heal physical impairments.


Trauma Release Work

The patient’s body guides me to access emotional trauma, stored trauma in the autonomous nervous system as in post-traumatic stress disorder, neurological imbalances as found in Parkinson’s Disease, MS, ALS, etc. and it lets me access trauma stored in tissues caused by direct physical impact.