Relief from Migraines

“To those seeking a new approach to healing:

This letter is to express my heartfelt thanks to Karen Merveldt-Guevara. I found Karen at a very low point in my life. At the time I was suffering from headaches nearly everyday. To say I was desperate would be an understatement.

Before I went to Karen, I’d gone the usual route by seeing physicians who would prescribe pills that didn’t work or would tell me I was stressed out. I even went as far as having a CAT scan, which showed nothing significant. Some of my migraines were so severe they put me out of commission for days.

When I met Karen she explained that she used a hands on healing technique that I had never heard of before. It sounded a bit far-out, but I needed to get my life back. Karen worked on me for (two) hours, and I really felt an amazing energy come from her. Almost four weeks later, my headaches seem to have gone. I don’t feel a need for any medication, not even an aspirin. There hasn’t been a western-trained doctor that has come close to giving me relief.

I also had a broken arm that was slow in healing. I was told I would not get my range of motion back. I was unable to bend it and completely straighten it out. My arm, which I never thought would get better has gotten much better!

Another thing that I have noticed about feeling better is that I have a lot more energy, and don’t get into any more dark moods. Being physically healthy helps heal you spiritually as well. I never dreamed that I could feel so much better. I kept praying for miracles, now I know they are possible.

I would recommend Karen Merveldt-Guevara to anyone who is in need of healing. Her techniques for physical and emotional healing work far surpass anything I’ve been through. I’ve been blessed to find her, and truly believe she can help those looking for answers.


Lea Lind-Metaltooth, Cornville, AZ