Spiritual-Hands-on Healing


I work in Ancient Traditions of Shadow Workers as they existed in tribal traditions around the globe and still do to an extent today. Through what happened to us in our lives and the way we are “energetically configured” we are able to take on the shadow energies, emotional and physical blockages and toxic build-up of the patients we work with to release them and dissipate them.

Like capacitors in dry scientific terms we take on the energy, let it build up inside of us, then discharge and give it back to Earth, the “big grounding field” while we work towards energetic, which in the end is spiritual re-alignment of our patients.

In a less technical way my bodywork sessions are deeply transformational. Patients experience different results depending on the reasons for which they came. After a session pain is often diminished or gone.

Patients experience emotional catharsis or deep relaxation with realizations of the other dimensions we exist in as human beings. You may experience images, colors, re-experience events of your life now or past lives, or simply feel physical relief and gain a new and healthier sense of self.