Spiritual, Transformational, Personalized Medicine


With my background as a German, Western trained Medical Doctor I combine my knowledge of Western Allopathic and Naturopathic Medicine with the wisdom of a Curandera or Medicine Woman who understands disease as caused by physical, emotional, psychological, social, ancestral and other spiritual factors; for me dis-ease reflects the loss of “ease” a disharmony of body, mind, and other aspects of spirit.

In a more scientific way disease can be healed by addressing the needs of the physical body, genetic impairments, environmental toxins, lifestyle, and diet, as well as the needs of the emotional body, releasing traumatic experiences, inherited, as described with second and third generation survivors, or acquired from the places these experiences are stored in the body.

To help patients heal further they often need help to understand psychological patterns which if not addressed may recreate the same or cause other health issues.

The way we live and experience life is conditioned by our social and cultural upbringing. Our perception of life and the way we interpret what we perceive often contributes to our ailments.

In my work patients often experience emotional catharsis and deep relaxation with realizations of the other dimensions we exist in as human beings. They gain a new and healthier sense of self.

In addition to my hands-on healing work, I make recommendations for specific vitamins and minerals to recover patients from disease or to prevent diseases. In depth study of principles of orthomolecular medicine, the customized use of vitamins and minerals has helped patients of mine to recover from diseases deemed “terminal” by Western Medicine.

To gain the most detailed understanding of biochemical imbalances or genetic impairments, I employ the help of my colleague, Dr. Daniela Hutyrova, NMD, and her ASYRA Biofrequency Scanner.

I use genetic tests to gain information about genetic predispositions, which require more specific and focused supplementation. These tests determine, too, what supplements and medication, even herbal medication, a person can work with or not.


I am committed to find out what my patients suffer from when they come to me with “mysterious” or “unlabeled” health issues. Together with my colleague,

​Dr. Daniela Hutyrova, NMD, we are able to cover medical, nutritional, psychological and emotional aspects of a disease.


We cooperate in a larger network of practitioners here in Sedona, to assure that all aspects of a health problem can be addressed as necessary.