Woken Up to Reality

“Waking up to reality” – After living in all kinds of separate realities all my life, having been highly dissociative with a lot of mental struggle, diagnosed by the age of 12 with Borderline Personality Disorder and later other diagnosis like schizoid, dissociative, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive, depression, eating disorders, etc., I have now woken up to reality (without the need to fight it anymore).

What happened within the sessions? I do not really know. What I do know is, that something happened. It feels as if layers of clouds got pulled away, so the sun of reality could eventually shine through clearly. It feels like giving birth to myself, incarnate and land at the same time. Land in a world of grounding and love for what is.

What I have experienced after the sessions is, that something definitely has shifted, with a newborn ability to discern what is real and what is not, and on which level. Projections show themselves clearly in the mirror and illusions fall dead to the ground.

It is the most ego-less, therapeutic experience I have ever had. Thank You!”

Eva Svingen, Writer and Photographer, Oslo, Norway